Robin Joy is an artist born into a family of musicians and artists who ensured her life was full of art and culture from the beginning. She created fine art drawings as a child which continue to be the core of her work today. Having travelled in Europe from an early age on and then living in Asia, Robin was deeply moved by the miniature artwork collections in Taipei. This love of finely detailed minitue continually influences her work.  Robin's art appears on fine art prints, books,dishes, furniture, wall fabric, silk fabrics and more.

In 2007, Robin opened her gallery/showroom in New York City's West Village, all the while creating installations in other galleries and businesses throughout the city. Her graphics have been licensed on lighting fixtures and origami paper selling throughout the US.

September 2017, at the Musee de la Toile de Jouy, in the town of Jouy-en-Josas, next to Versailles, France, Robin had a solo exhibition for the entire month.  The two Patrimone Days September 15th and 16th, she was at the Musee doing an interactive exhibit with visitors to the Museum. See blog for article that was written for the Toile de Jouy Foundation Website.

Robin Joy  now resides in Naples Florida.  More detailed bio and resume, upon request.






For information regarding sales of original artwork and books, licensing or commissions please contact Robin Joy 

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