Robin Joy is an artist born into a family of musicians and artists, and was exposed to art and culture early on.

Robin has traveled extensively, residing in Europe and Asia for stretches of time, and living on a boat sailing in the Caribbean for a year in between.  In Asia, she was deeply moved by the miniature artwork collections in Taipei, an art form that echoes and influences her minutely detailed original artwork.

Robin’s gallery in New York City’s West Village was a neighborhood favorite, and garnered attention that led to commissions for work around the world.  Her art appears on fine art prints, books, furniture, wall fabric, silk fabrics, and more.  Her graphics have been licensed for use on lighting fixtures and origami paper throughout the US.

In September, 2017, Robin’s art was featured in a solo exhibition at the Musee de la Toile de Jouy in the French town of Jouy-en-Josas, next to Versaille.  During that time, she hosted an interactive exhibit with visitors to the Museum on the two Patrimone Days of September 15th and 16th. MOMA NYC featured one of her books in its gift shop.

beJOYed,Robin's new gallery in Naples, FL, showcases her graphics, art, couture work, and other artistic work she has created during her prolific career.


My art is about joy and aspiration: the aspiration to be courageous and kind, and the joy we experience when we're able to attain that goal. When people view my artwork, they are intrigued by the worlds-within-worlds aspect of the miniature, detailed drawings, and the joy of discovery that brings. When my art makes someone smile, or say "wow", it provides immense satisfaction to me.

There's also a bit of playful naughtiness to the drawings that close inspection reveals, and I hope you find that aspect of it as fun as I intend it.

 Thank you for visiting the site and taking time to view my art and learn about me.  I hope our paths cross soon.